You can see the position of the coordinate values, and distance in the field. I can read Sima coordinate. I can also be attached to an e-mail. In order to coordinate values are not eliminated in the field mainly, please have the purpose of preliminary. You can also from the company, you send me the coordinates Sima.   Application details Surveying site, essential application. You can check the position, distance, etc. of the coordinate values at the site. When there is no coordinate value required at the site, it is also possible to have Sima coordinates sent from the company and read. It is possible to read from the Read more about Mr.Survey[…]

Work record

We will introduce some of the website that we created. HOG It is the site of HOG Co., Ltd. mainly selling T-shirts etc. You can move  to HOG from this site               I mainly used the color of black to match the color of HOG’s T shirt SAPAPER GIFTS             It is the site of a company selling pretty umbrellas for babies for gifts   From this site you can move to the SAPAPER GIFTS site     GRAPHITE     It is the site of a company selling shirts and trousers From this site you can go to Read more about Work record[…]