Things to consider when commercializing a new product

Why is it important to know whether new product development solves high-severity problems?

This is very important. Here are some reasons why.

Products that solve open or serious problems can address where there is a real need in the market. This increases the probability of product success.

Establish competitive advantage

A product that solves a serious problem can likely create a competitive advantage in a market where similar products and services are scarce or non-existent.

Pricing flexibility

Products that solve important problems also offer more flexibility in pricing, as consumers tend to appreciate their value.

Strengthening the brand

Companies can strengthen their brand image and credibility by offering products that solve serious problems.

sustainable business model

Products that solve critical problems are more likely to support long-term business development and growth.

Social impact and contribution

Products that solve unsolved problems and social issues are also evaluated as corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, and support the sustainable growth of companies and the realization of a better society.

Earn customer loyalty

Products that solve real customer problems and challenges can increase customer satisfaction and, as a result, are more likely to win customer loyalty.

It’s also important to think that if you see a discount, you’re only offering the same service as everyone else.

If you’re solving an open problem like the one above, if you’re solving a high-severity problem, you can’t get a discount.

Therefore, it is very important to solve this outstanding problem.

How can you differentiate yourself from others?

is also important to consider thoroughly.

One of them is to have a sales channel Japan, but it is not so easy.

It would be impossible to just provide the same product in the same form as before.

There are some things that can be easily investigated and verified in Japan.

For example, it is difficult to differentiate from a factory that makes screws, etc. How can I get them to sell at “Tokyu Hands”?

Tokyu Hands is a popular store that sells unique items in Japan.
You can get an idea just by looking at the individual items.

“Tokyu Hands” is here

How about looking at Tokyu Hands products and changing the presentation of the products?

I’m sure you’ll come up with some great ideas.

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