Market research

Market research deliverables provide a summary of the results of research and analysis, and are an important source of information when organizations and companies make decisions. Below are examples of common market research deliverables:


The main deliverables of market research are reports that summarize survey and analysis results in detail. This includes research objectives, research methodology, data collection methods, analysis results, insights and recommendations.

The following factors are important for sound business decision-making:

1-1.Data-driven information gathering:

Accurate and reliable data is essential for sound decision-making. Gather factual information through market research and internal data analysis.

We present the report using the data provided by the Japanese government.
It is important to rely on the most accurate and reliable data.

1-2.Goal Setting and Strategy

It is important to set clear goals and develop strategies to reach them. Strategy provides the overall direction of your business and guides your decision-making.

1-3.Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is essential for sound decision-making. By listening to the opinions of stakeholders, such as management, employees, customers, and shareholders, you can make more balanced decisions.

1-4.Risk assessment and management

It is necessary to assess potential risks and consider appropriate countermeasures when making decisions. Risk management is an important factor in the continued growth and stability of a company.

No risk is also the greatest risk.
Soichiro Honda who made HONDA company famouse for F1 said
No play no miss

If you do nothing, nothing will fail.
But We can’t do that.
Failure is proof that you are trying.
Don’t take risks, but doing nothing is the biggest risk.

1-5.Innovation and Flexibility

Innovation and flexibility are necessary to respond to the changing environment. Adopting new approaches and technologies will help you stay competitive.


Presentation materials may be created to communicate the deliverables in an easy-to-understand manner. Use graphs, charts, and diagrams to visually present data and highlight key points.

Market research database: The market research database is for organizing and storing the data and materials used in the research. Good for future reference and additional analysis.

3.Summary Infographics

Creating concise infographics that summarize the key findings of your market research effectively conveys the gist of your findings.

4-SWOT analysis

Based on research results, a SWOT analysis that organizes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of companies and products may also be included.

5-Market trend reports

Market trend reports may be required, including industry and sector trends, competitor behavior, and market growth forecasts.

These deliverables will vary according to the purpose and scope of the market research. The key is to organize and communicate the information in a way that clients and organizations can understand and appropriately utilize the results of your research.

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