Building overseas sales channels: Setting product names

Many factors influence your decision. An effective product name can greatly contribute to the success of the product. Below are some points to keep in mind when deciding on a product name:

Concise and easy to remember

Product names should be short, concise, and easy for consumers to remember.

Clear meaning

The product name should be one that makes it easy to understand that the product or service solves the user’s problem or problem.

Especially the second one

Will the product name solve my problems and worries?is very important.

There are several reasons why people buy products, but the most effective one is one that solves a problem or problem.

Of all the worries, one that applies to everyone is the one that saves time.

Expensive CAD applications that cost more than $7000 sell well because they are highly specialized and greatly contribute to time savings in that field.

Time savings are valuable in any industry. This is because labor costs are the highest cost for a company.

Also, when selling products overseas, the Japanese product name should be changed.

First of all, when expanding overseas, the culture is different.

The following points are particularly important.

Respect cultural differences: You should be aware of the meaning and resonance in different countries and regions, and avoid using inappropriate words or connotations.

Easy to pronounce

A name that customers can easily pronounce helps spread the word and increase brand awareness.

Have a positive impression

A name that conveys a positive feeling or impression can increase consumer favorability.

Check your trademark rights

It’s important to do trademark research to see if the same or similar name is already registered by another company.


Considering the possibility of expanding the product lineup in the future, it is desirable to have flexibility and extensibility in the product name.

In fact, there are some magic words that always work.

We will explain this to you when we receive your consultation request.

Today, we will start by talking about naming conventions.

1-Choose a name that makes it easy to understand that you can solve your problems.

2- Change the name for overseas versions

I talked about these two

There have been several incidents in the past where this has been seen as inappropriate.

Below is an example of changing the name when expanding overseas.

Honda “Fit”

This car is sold under the name “Fit” in Japan, but in some countries this name can be confused with the English word “fit” (meaning fit, in good shape, etc.) Because of its gender, it is sold as “Honda Jazz” rather than “Honda Fit” in the United States and other countries.

Pajero: An SUV

manufactured and sold by Mitsubishi Motors. Because it is an inappropriate word as slang in Spanish, it is sold under the name “Montero” in Spain and Latin America.


Products with this name are known as cleaning products, but are avoided in the Philippines due to their inappropriate meaning in the Filipino language.

Isuzu’s “Trooper”

In English, it can be read as “Trooper” (meaning a soldier, police officer, etc.), but in some countries “Trooper” could be interpreted as an inappropriate word. .

From these examples, it is clear that when selecting product names in the international market, differences in culture and language must be taken into account.

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