Get The Visa for Japan

There are multiple ways for Russians, or any nationality, to obtain a residence visa in Japan. Among them, the Language School Visa is the best choice for many foreigners because it is safe and well supported. The following are some of the common visa options

Student Visa:

This visa is applicable for enrollment in an institution of higher education such as a university or vocational school. Most commonly obtained by vocational schools and universities for studying Japanese. Although there is some cost involved, it is very safe as many schools will provide support from obtaining the visa to housing. Many schools also provide a place to live, so you can rest assured that you will be safe.

Working Visa:

This visa can be obtained if you are already employed by a Japanese company or organization. There are various categories such as technical, humanities/international services, intra-company transfers, etc. However, many companies require a high level of Japanese language proficiency in order to work in Japan. Therefore, it is highly challenging as a first stay in Japan.

Family Resident Visa:

This visa is available to foreigners who have family members living in Japan (e.g. spouse, children, etc.). It is possible to obtain this visa through marriage to a Japanese national and their children. However, since Japan does not recognize dual citizenship, it is necessary to renounce one’s original citizenship when acquiring Japanese citizenship.

Researcher/Educator Visa:

This visa is for a stay in Japan for the purpose of research or educational activities at a research institution or university.

Cultural Activities Visa:

This visa is for the purpose of staying in Japan for the purpose of research and activities in the arts and traditional culture. It is considered very difficult to obtain.

Training visa: A visa to receive practical training to acquire specific skills and techniques. However, problems with the work environment and middlemen have been pointed out.

Finally, Language School Visa is recommended as the safest and most supportive way to stay in Japan, especially for the first time and to get used to life in Japan. For more information, please contact us.

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