Thoughts on TV and Youtube

Telling the truth is important.

Television is obsolete in Japan. On the contrary, more and more people are using Youtube.

I wonder why?

One of the reasons is that TV did not report the truth, but reported what was accepted by the masses.

So why did television tell us what was accepted by the masses rather than the truth?

1- First, TV is a commercial medium, and advertising revenue is the source of its revenue. Therefore, it is important to attract the interest of viewers and earn viewer ratings, and for that purpose, it has been necessary to report information that can be accepted by the general public.

Even if it is true, content that is not of interest to viewers or controversial content will be less likely to be reported.

2- There is also the problem of weak media independence. Some major media outlets manipulate the content of their reports against the backdrop of political, financial and other powers, so the truth may not be reported.

On the other hand, the spread of the Internet and social media has diversified the methods of obtaining information. Since information can be sent by individuals and small groups, a variety of information is sent, making it easier to obtain information close to the truth.

As mentioned above, there are multiple reasons why television conveyed information that was more acceptable to the masses than the truth. has become

As a result, the public is increasingly able to discern that TV is reporting what is not true. I think that’s the big reason.

But it’s Youtube ad revenue. How is it different from TV advertising revenue?

I think the biggest difference between YouTube and TV is in the form of distribution.

Television broadcasts a set program at a certain time within a limited time frame. Therefore, it is important to gather many viewers in a specific time slot, and major media can gather many advertisers and earn a large amount of advertising revenue.

On the other hand, YouTube is a video sharing site, and anyone can post videos freely. Therefore, videos of various genres are posted and can be viewed by various viewers according to their personal tastes and interests.

For this reason, advertisers have diversified, and even small advertisers can now place advertisements. In addition, YouTube has introduced a mechanism such as “Adsense” that allows video distributors to contract directly with advertisers and earn advertising revenue, making it possible to deliver more personal advertisements.

Another major feature of YouTube is that viewers can watch whatever videos they want at any time. Therefore, the advertiser can deliver advertisements to a more detailed target group, and more effective advertisement delivery is possible.

As mentioned above, there is a big difference in the mechanism and distribution form of advertising revenue between YouTube and TV.

Whether the difference in this mechanism can report the truth or not.

The one who makes the difference and tells the truth wins.

I think the system is important. You can’t tell the truth unless you change the system.

Justice wins.

It may have been a good epoch.

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