The reason why Japan is weak in IT-a country aiming for 100 points

When I was watching the Japanese news the other day (November 2021)

If you hit the corona vaccine, your body will be tired, so the vaccine is a problem.
criticized in the news

Since the probability of dying from corona has decreased considerably, shouldn’t we have to accept the feeling of being tired as a trade-off?


Japanese demand 100%.

That’s why it’s reason for weak in IT fieled in Japan.

It may be misleading to speak like this

But programming is OK with 70 points

It’s important to think that you can do something because it works

In Japanese education, it is emphasized to get 100 points and to always excel in others.

The most important thing is the deviation value,

The deviation value of 70 is said to be the top 2.2%. 2% of them were trying to catch up with the developed countries by leading Japan in the Meiji era.(about 130years ago)

China failed to do so and became a colony. That’s why it was important to find a few talented people in the Meiji era. I think a continuous deviation value of 70 is impossible…

The reason why I feel this way is because my own child attends an international school abroad, but I don’t think he is studying too much.

I’ve never seen you study, but your grades are good

At school, student also receive awards for outstanding students in his class.

But I have rarely seen them studying at home.

My child’s school uses the Cambridge system(England), which has the same curriculum and grading system as Cambridge. Thai private schools pay consulting fees and follow the same curriculum as Cambridge schools.

The national language is Thai, and the history is replaced by the history of Thailand, but I hear that everything else is the same.

Of course, there are midterms and finals, but when I asked my child about it, he said that tests account for 20% of his grades.

Then, what is the remaining 80%? The reports and quizzes that I submit on a daily basis accumulate and make up the remaining 80%.

So even if the test score is a little low, it will not affect the grade significantly.

I see, I’m strangely convinced that it was such a thing

It means that daily efforts are very important.

And the grades are only about 4 stages

From top to bottom: 25%, 25%, 25%, 25%. 4 is the best and 1 is the worst.

Almost four.

Interestingly, there is no middle.

In Japan, I think it would be easy for teachers to give grades saying, “Well, it’s okay to be in the middle.”

The point is that you must always score as excellent or somewhat inferior.

However, he said that if you do your report homework properly, you won’t get a 1 even if your test is bad.

Therefore, even though I have a 1, I can’t get a 1 out of 4 grades because my academic ability is low.

In Japan, if your friend gets a good score, your rank will go down.

At overseas schools, your ranking will not go down just because your friend’s ranking goes up.

If the person submits the report seriously and submits what he or she has researched well, the person’s grades will improve.

So there is no such thing as pulling legs

In Japan, everyone is the same, and when his grades go up, mine go down.

In the competition with others, it is always hammered into elementary school junior high school high school.

And since 95% of your grades are determined by tests, it’s become commonplace to use tricks and go to cram schools just to get a good score just for a moment.

In Thailand, it doesn’t make much sense to go to a cram school if the submission of reports at school every day is tied to your grades.

However, in a special case, students who aim to become doctors or lawyers study a lot.

It’s like studying like crazy.

Those people are completely different

I got off topic

It was a story that 70 points is OK in programming.

A good example is the US space agency, NASA.

they say

Aiming for 100 points is useless.

Aiming for 100 points may be a good thing, but if you make an effort to fill the remaining 5%, you can develop more functions.

In the world of IT, it is common for the target (needs of the target customer base) to change in about a year or two.

This world of IT requires a completely different approach than automotive or industrial production.

You can’t make a good product by spending a lot of people

Google proves it

At Google, one team works with around 10 people.

Google Glass (a device that can take videos and display instructions with glasses, currently only sold to people who need special work) seems to have a team of about 10 people.

From hardware sensors to manufacturing, design, programming, CPU selection, server logic, and so much more, a small team of around 10 people are doing all this work.

In the IT industry, this is the best choice for a small number of elites.

However, the Japanese bureaucrats who have received a high education and become the embodiment of cramming learning do not understand this.

If there are 300 people with qualifications, it means that it is a good company, and he gets an A rank for orders from the government. You can receive high unit price work from the government.

This is the same way of thinking when making a civil engineering dam building bridge.

If there are many qualified people, good things can be done. It is believed that even if there is a lot of work, it can be done in time for the second term. If you multiply the number of people, you can do it,,,

But that’s not the case in the IT world

I need all the help I can get

In the civil engineering industry, there are jobs that even people with low ability can do, such as breaking formwork even if they cannot work, or collecting nails for safety management.

There are also tasks that require a high level of ability, such as design. There are various fields of work in the civil engineering industry, depending on one’s ability.

However, in the world of programming, there is no job that a person with low ability can do.

Therefore, it is often said that if two people do a task that can be done by one person for a day, can they do it for half a day? I’m asked, but it takes 2 days to do it with two people.

This is because it takes time to reconcile each division of work.

What are your thoughts on creating a class?

If you read and check the code, such as points to note when using the model, it is faster to do it alone. That’s a common thing.

Unlike the civil engineering industry, the more the number, the better.

The revision of the system issued by the Japanese government office cost tens of billions of yen, and it was a problem even in the Diet.

I think it’s too expensive.

But if you send it to a large company with hundreds of qualified people, a lot of people will be involved.

Of course the cost will go up.

Moreover, most of these companies have bureaucrats who are paralyzed from heaven.

That’s why it’s obvious that it’s expensive.

We talked about it again…

In the IT industry, it is important not to aim for 100 points.

But for Japanese people who have been educated to get 100 points, it may be a bit difficult to understand.

This is also reflected in the idea of ​​HTTP requests.

See you next time

Thank you for reading this far.

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