Reasons why Japan is weaker in the IT field than Europe, America and China-2

Reason: Because it is planned by the elderly company management

Today, I would like to share my thoughts on why Japan is vulnerable to the IT field.

One of the consultants I know is an executive consultant for a major company.

How to come up with breakthrough ideas for new businesses?

How to identify customer needs?

He is training in that technique.

Most of them are around 50 years old because they are the management team of a large company.

There is a problem here.

The reason for this is that young people work in the field.

It is the job of the management to decide the management policy of the company and new business.

It is a traditional Japanese rule.
In Japan, due to seniority, it is impossible for people in their twenties to become executives of major companies.

This is not good.

No matter how smart people at the age of 50 do their best, they cannot match the creativity of young people in their 20s.

September 2020, it was news that Souta Fujii (18) won the throne of Kazuki Kimura (47) and became the throne with four consecutive victories.


It seems that it is said to be amazing because it is young.
However, I couldn’t help but Kimura Go player looked cute.
Even though 47 years old can’t beat 18 years old …

What do you call this without calling it a weak bullying?

In the world of programming, people need to be smart.

And, alas, no matter how talented you are, it declines with age.

Until now, like the automobile industry, there was a place where people could work well with their experience even after they were 50 years old.

But in this era, IT is becoming the mainstay of all industries.

Isn’t it natural that Japan, which has not been able to keep up with the structure of the company in the world, is behind in the IT field?

Giving young people a chance is very important in the IT world.

Bill Gates was a high school student and was already earning money from programming. Isn’t it the result of Zuckerberg, all young people (20’s) trying what they thought was interesting?

In Japan, Mr. Matsumoto (2channel) and Mr. Horie (although they were acquired by a Korean company due to the mess of Livedoor), they all made it in their 20s.

And unless you give young people the opportunity and authority, IT in Japan remains weak.

How is it in your country?

Do you give young people a chance?
Would you like to work with Japan?
There are few young people, so this is an opportunity

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