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ML-Technology (Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, President Tomohiro Matsuhashi, and Hadano Works (Higashimura, Gunma Prefecture, Osamu Ogino,) We will begin shipping samples of material “CM Fiber” that can improve Rust can be removed simply by installing in circulating water. Appeal that it will reduce the burden of cleaning work and reduce costs, and cultivate demand for various applications.

“CM fiber” is a fibrous material made by mixing natural special minerals with polypropylene. When it is hydrophilic and fixed in water with a wire or the like, a positively charged scale or the like is captured by negative ions released from the material.

Rather than requiring a power source, the rust, scale, slime, etc. adhering to the inside of the cooling tower, piping, and heat exchanger can be peeled off simply by placing them in the circulating water to suppress reattachment. By removing these substances, the operating load of the fan and pump is greatly reduced, leading to high-efficiency operation.

Since construction and maintenance are unnecessary, costs and labor of workers can be reduced, and the use of chemicals can be reduced. The shape can be changed to spherical or sheet depending on the installation location.

In sample shipment, SML-Technology will be responsible for development, production management and sales, and Hadano will be in charge of production. By changing the composition of the materials, the water purification function is expected to change, and is expected to be used in a wide range of fields including biotechnology and agriculture. In the future, the effects of these applications will be verified. Consider building a sales network in collaboration with distributors.

Reference from Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun
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