It is the tool which can manage contact information and the visit at a glance by linking a map. In addition, I can record contents and the memo of the conversation.

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App detail

Mr.Survey is changed significantly from ver4.0.0. This app can be found in the image for each field, the coordinate values load by the SIMA file. It also shows the area of ​​the zone, the area of ​​when you change the coordinate values​​, it is now understood immediately while still in the field.
(Right figure)Color changes to red when you tap the coordinate point. When you press the button on the “Coordinate” in the lower right, and the coordinate values ​​will be displayed.
Screen will appear the coordinate values​​. Point name and coordinate value can be confirmed. You can check by scrolling to the horizontal coordinate value Z. You can add a new coordinate value.
(Right figure)Is the input screen of the new coordinate value. Coordinate value will be saved of course.
This screen is the zone registration screen. On this screen, you can delete the point and you can add the new point. When you are in the field, you can see the area immediately.
When you load SIMA file, if there is a zone data, will be read as a zone.
First, you create the field, loads the coordinate value. You can import SIMA files from email attachments. This means that you send the coordinates to the scene from the company.
By connecting to iTunes, it is also possible to load also. iphone can read [text] file, please add the [.txt] after the [.sim] of the file so. After their work, please send an email with an attached file. Loading process because there is four steps, you must have some latency. However, it is faster than manual entry.
You can of course the various intersection calculation.
Also when you want to check the distance of the coordinate value in the field, by using the “Calculating distance between two points”, the distance can be calculated also. I think if people who use survey, the description is not particularly necessary.