Why ibooks or are better


The idea of Jobs, currently there are “Google teacher, in ibooks and Google, the school classes, it is not a place convey knowledge, stated their ideas and discussion, consultation, absorption of knowledge coordination with different values it was that “it should be a place to learn.

is to make the textbook, the purpose of ibooks, was that “a good education by the Children” by it.


Apple has created a mechanism necessary time-consuming, and for the examination.

I is not the same thing as Kindaru of the Amazon, an individual would, become a publisher anyone.

Also, the thing to look at Cobo manga like Japan, that will give a lot of sales, the height of the aspirations are different. I feel like I see the underlying strength of Apple in that area will be.


I think before the benefit Japan. Profit is also required of course, but there is a word “virtue is this, profit is the end of Nari” is also in the Analects. I can say from the fact that large companies that had been chasing just profit is inclined, it also has come to the age where it is necessary to think about the idea a little more.