16/11/24 news

Mr.Sales- full improvement

Mr.Sales iPhone version, we are currently rebuilding it. We are transitioning to the language SWIFT. I judged ・・・

16/11/24 news

Mr.Sales Web site service stopped

Mr.Sales Web service stopped. Regarding future developments, we plan to specialize in consulting business. We ・・・

16/05/20 news

WEB site creation

We created WEB site With shopping cart. Design is now well. Please contact us when estimates.

14/11/26 news

For disorders associated with Mr.Sales -iOS8update

It would be supposed to apologize for the inconvenience a bug of our Mr.Sales apps. We completed the modificat・・・

14/09/19 news

About iOS8 corresponding

trouble that goes into iOS8, become unusable some features have occurred. If you have documents in the・・・

14/04/16 news

Mr.Sales ver3.2.3 release

Version up business-kun. MAP was heavy, in some areas, it did not work leave the squares of a grid pattern. I&・・・

14/04/15 news

HP renewal

I have your very fuss. I WEB site renewal. At any time, I will also change the link of the application. Thank ・・・