About us

We are, unique product development, and consulting to become a only One.

Q-Why, do you have offices in Japan and Thailand?

A-We are, we are a small team, you want to consulting not forget the global perspective.

We can solve the problem,when viewed from the overseas. If being in Japan, We do not know it.

It always is in contact with the outside of the information, in terms of consulting, we believe that it is very important.

Q-What is the case specifically?

A-For example, in Thailand, Honda is a luxury car.But not in Japan.

Mazda is the brand image is much higher than Japan.

The reason for this is that, Mazda is from the time that became under the control of Ford, the design is better. To be more specific, clearly define the scope of authority have been made.

And in Thailand, Japanese cars is one of the brand.

And from that design is good, but is pretty high price is also in the car of the same segment Mazda are selling.

However, with regard to the Mazda truck, it does not have quite popular.

In Thailand, Isuzu, the popularity of pickup trucks is by far the most.

The reason for this is that, Mazda is that it does not make a track that picked up the needs of the local.

Mazda of the track, because it has been announced at the 2006 Bangkok Motor Show, it is obvious Mazda is quite aware of the sale of the Thailand and Southeast Asia.

However, it is unpopular cars in Thailand

Trade-in price will also be quite useful easier.

For example,We can advice from local eyes what kind of products are what sell in Thailand and Southeast Asia,in such a case.

Q-It is, it is very good.Adapted to the local foreign eyes, I product development advice is valuable for companies.

However, large companies such as Mazda is possible to request a product development consulting to your company?

A-Honestly, I think it is not.This is only raised as an example.

Major companies, I think that should be asked such as, to consultants McKinsey.

McKinsey, They have a lot of experience cost down as an organization, the method of organizational reform.

But they do not have product development ideas .

It is because no one can do with effort and experience.

If the effort is the same as anyone not accustomed to Steve Jobs.

We are towards product planning, development consulting to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Q-Why small and medium-sized companies?

Decision-making speed that fast and is that there is a technical strength.

Q-Why do small and medium-sized enterprises is of a fast decision-making speed?

A-It is that hard to understand that it is not a Japanese.

The Japanese, there is a rare national character that decide things unanimously.

In Japan, when you came up with a new plan, you should consult always advance to the boss.

Most will oppose the boss.

So, even if by chance a good boss was present, also There are boss on it.

Finally, the new planning will go to the Board of Directors.

In addition there has faction, it is determined things in human likes and dislikes than good or bad planning,

In such a place, there is no reason to innovative product comes out.

In addition the Board of Directors of large companies in Japan, many of the elderly, many of them are in their 60s from 50s.

They would not be an exaggeration to say that do not know the feeling of young people.

If you do not persuade of all, because you get Go sign in product development, So no new ones are born from Japan.

The improvement of existing products, so you will be always OK, Japanese companies, and increasing the quality of products that already exist, be downsized would say that very good.

Therefore, we will not be consulting the large companies to the other party.

Now, it is the era of speed is ever required. We also asked for the results in the same way also.

We does not help the company that speed of decision-making is slow

Q-How does consulting the company specifically?

A-If there is a technical strength, the employee is the small-sized enterprises of up to about 30 people

Is that there is a technical strength, it means companies that deliver their products to large companies

We also go up to the candidate, such as a company that is determined by the roar of the founder.

We are consulting, even in large companies, if make organization directly to the president.

Because decision is fast.

Q-What is the application procedure of consulting.

First of all, you can contact us by e-mail.

Please write Company name,  have a problem, last year’s sales, your position in company, companies products,Specialty,Skype ID.

After that, we are through, such as Skype, and take the communication.

We will also analysis of prospects that can solve the problems.

Of course we will go to visit the company.

Also, I go to visit also to the relevant foreign companies.

We, if it is determined that there is a possibility of problems solving, consulting begins.

To determine the monthly consulting fee.

We signed a nondisclosure agreement.

Q-Anyone request of consulting is, do not be?

A- Yes, we even if you have money, also do not do that receive requests from anyone.

Whether the field can be solved by using a connection that we have, your technical capabilities, and considering the enthusiasm.

We also, does not receive all of the request.

Be subject to all of the requests, we believe that there is no honest.

Such as competing companies, it does not receive the request.

Small and medium-sized companies in Japan, has a considerable potential.

I think especially to come abroad.

However, small and medium-sized companies to settle for a subcontractor of leading, being chased to the annual cost down, or did not make the original product of its own, it is often do not have the sales channels overseas.

We are to help such companies, and we want to have a relationship of WIN-WIN to each other.